Miley Gets Slammed for Underage Drinking

November 6, 2010 By:
Miley Gets Slammed for Underage Drinking

As predicted Miley Cyrus is getting shit for downing a beer while in Madrid.

The International alcohol awareness organization is slamming Miley for drinking a Corona. The drinking age limit in Madrid is 18, and she's about two weeks away from the big 1-8.

Miley and Boyfriend Split Again

James E. Copple told TMZ, "The young people that see her as a role model could mimic the same behavior and as a consequence will go out and become intoxicated, putting their safety at risk."

Since when do drinking age limits apply overseas? She's two weeks away from being able to "legally" drink in Madrid. She just broke up with her boyfriend and her parents are going through a divorce so cut her some slack people!