Miley Fears Another Photo Leak

October 29, 2008 By:
Miley Fears Another Photo Leak

Miley Cyrus is reportedly a “nervous wreck,” fearing that even more photos of her will be leaked on the internet.

The FBI raided the home of hacker Josh Holly last week, who allegedly leaked pics of Miley, and they believe he’s passed on her information to someone else. For a 16 year old, Miley sure does take a lot of risqué pictures of herself! Maybe if she put the camera down, this wouldn’t be an issue!

A source tells the National Enquirer, "She used that email account on a daily basis to send Nick Jonas and several of her friends photos and letters. And there were several other accounts Miley used for emails, so she's not exactly sure what Holly gained access to - and that's what so deeply troubling to her... The whole thing is making Miley a nervous wreck."

We don’t think she should worry about it too much. The world has seen enough Miley as it is already. A few more pics isn’t going to be a big deal.