Miley Cyrus' Pot-Smoking Scandal

February 20, 2013 By:
Miley Cyrus' Pot-Smoking Scandal
Image By: Instagram

Miley Cyrus definitely doesn’t smoke weed,” says absolutely no one ever.

The “Can’t Be Tamed” singer has found herself in a brand new controversy when a photo was posted on Instagram of her allegedly smoking what appears to be is definitely a marijuana blunt. This is surprising for just about anyone that is not familiar with Miley Cyrus past the years of her sugar sweet tunes on the radio.

Miley's shocker of a photo shows a close-up of a woman's face behind a good-sized cloud of smoke that is protruding from her mouth. A large, hand-rolled fatty is in the foreground.

Fans are speculating that it's Miley based solely on the woman's haircut that can be seen in the shot, despite how blown out it is. (No one, and we mean NO ONE, other than the real Miley would dare to have a haircut like that.)

And, if the smoke, the roach clip finger positioning and the head-cocked-back weed stance isn’t enough to convince you that the substance she’s puffing is happy grass, perhaps the caption of the photo will. It reads: “High as fvck #”

She’s so high, in fact, that she couldn’t even finish out her hashtag. (#absolutelynothing...)

Miley’s response to the weed accusations was, “I don't have an Instagram,” which she tweeted on Tuesday. The Instagram handle that this image was posted with is “mileyxxcyrus.” The account also links to Miley’s official website.

Those of you flabbergasted that poor and innocent Miley could once again tarnish her career by inhaling forbidden substances let us remind you that her dog is named “Mary Jane.”