Miley Cyrus Wants To Be A Hot Wife And Have Lots Of Kids

July 4, 2012 By:
Miley Cyrus Wants To Be A Hot Wife And Have Lots Of Kids

Miley Cryus wants to have a ton of kids. She also wants to be a hot wife. I guarantee that only one of those things will happen. We’ll see how long these Pilates classes last.

A source close to Miley told that “she really wants a bunch of kids, since she has a lot of brothers and sisters. She wants the same thing for when she becomes a mother. She wants the kids to be all hers, and it might be a little while after marriage for her to start because she really loves her body and wants to spend some time being the ‘hot wife.’”

So, like six months before she get’s knocked-up? Am I hearing six months? Three? Next week?

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of Miley’s desire for kids. Several weeks ago, word got out that Miley wants to wait about six years before having kids.

“Miley has said she doesn’t even want to think about having kids until she’s at least 26,” says an insider.

Apparently Miley is babysitting for Liam’s brother Chris’s new daughter India Rose, but luckily the diaper duty isn't giving her baby fever.

“She has been able to quell any desires about being a mother by helping out with Chris Hemsworth’s baby India Rose. She is all about babysitting whenever they need it, but it hasn’t sparked her need for a baby for herself any faster…” says the source.

The best part of the source’s statement is that Miley and Liam are waiting to have kids, “unless they have an accident.” Thanks for pointing out how reproduction works.