Miley Cyrus’ VMA Promo is Epic and Raunchy

August 6, 2013 By:
Miley Cyrus’ VMA Promo is Epic and Raunchy

Don’t even bother making plans on August 25th because you’re gonna have to cancel them!

Miley Cyrus is performing at the VMAs later this month and if her newest promo video is any indication, it will be the nastiest thing you’ve ever seen. We honestly don’t know if that’s “good nasty” or “bad nasty,” but we’re going to watch to find out because Miley is more relevant than everyone in Hollywood combined. Phew, out of breath.

The promo video definitely looks epic, so she has A LOT to live up to, but we’re not worried.

There are fire-breathers, Miley climbing out of a sewer and a guy with Bob Marley hair. It also features so much midriff, we literally have stopped breathing. Hopefully Miley premieres a new song, but even if she just sings “We Can’t Stop” for the umpteenth time, we’ll still love every damn second!

Watch the promo below.