Miley Cyrus Travels With Liam To City Of Brotherly Love

July 18, 2012 By:

Miley Cyrus and fiancé Liam Hemsworth continue their PR tour of love as they arrived Tuesday at the Philadelphia International Airport, with one of their many dogs.

Liam, who’s been quite busy these days, is in town filming his new thriller Paranoia with Amber Heard, Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford.

Miley, who has accomplished a lot in her life, but little lately sans scoring major media interest for being half-clad herself, clearly had some time to spare, and tagged along.

Miley and Liam Roll Around Los Angeles

It's only fair really, as Liam took time off from actually working the last couple of days to accompany Miley in her pursuits of… not much really.

On Sunday, they were photographed skateboarding around Los Angeles after she tweeted a craving to do so (1. She has a Chanel skateboard, 2. WTF? Chanel makes a skateboard?).

Then Monday, they were seen by the paparazzi and fans alike exiting Miley’s home away from home (no, not the tattoo parlor, the other one), a Pilates studio. 

She stopped to pose for pictures with fans, but, for some reason we can’t possibly understand, no one seemed to solicit him for the same.

Miley recently remarked on his exploding career, “I think, it is good for him if he is not only seen as ‘the boyfriend of Miley Cyrus’ all the time. It can only be beneficial for our relationship as we are on the same level now.”

Miley Gets a New Tattoo

Ironically, today, she was the one following him around. Regardless, they do look cute together, especially with the dog.

He just finished filming a couple of movies (The Expendables 2), is currently filming two more (including Paranoia), with two more projects in pre-production (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire!) 

Miley's last movie, LOL failed to really do much of anything at the box office. She is currently said to be working on her music, or abs, or collection of designer sporting goods equipment, or something…