A Miley Cyrus Superfan Hacked Her iCloud and These Are the Most Interesting Parts

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A Miley Cyrus Superfan Hacked Her iCloud and These Are the Most Interesting Parts
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So, a Miley Cyrus superfan who ran the (recently defunct) popular Twitter account @gypsyhearttour got her hands on the login and password information for Miley’s iCloud account.

Here’s an alleged photo of an email from Tish to Miley to PROVE the fan actually DID get access to the pop singer's iCloud:


Anyways, the fan has apparently denounced her adoration for Miley because after she read a day's worth of emails and texts, she discovered that she doesn’t really like the “real” Miley. Here is the juiciest stuff the girl revealed after binging on all of Miley’s emails, photos and videos. It’s mostly just the fan musing on the things she saw in Miley’s emails and text conversations.

Keep in mind that all of this surfaced from the depths of fandom and fandom can at times be a weird, delusional and irrational place. Who really knows what to believe?


On Miley’s chaotic life:

"After reading the emails between Tish, her management, her attorney, her publicists, Diane Martel, her friends, ex fiancée etc. I realized she is like a land mine. Step on her the slightest bit and she will explode and tell you to f**k off…I couldn’t take knowing Miley was so mistreated in her actual life and everyone around her was awful to her and not being able to reach out and help her."


On everyone telling Miley to tone down the raunchiness:

“I saw first hand the people around her were even too scared tell her what she was doing wasn’t right. From Wrecking Ball to simply rubbing herself on the 4x4 in Love Money Party live performance, her mother and team debated them all. They each would take turns telling her slowly and calmly that she would have to minimize it. And Miley being Miley, she just maximizes it.”

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On Miley’s tragic life:

"Despite what any of you say or what Miley says she isn’t the strongest person and she isn’t the most mature and well thought out. Reading those emails and finally figuring out everything from her fallen engagement to her parents divorce I came to see that Miley literally has no one in her life supporting her. Everyone is equally a mess."



On the way Miley responded to texts and emails:

“If there’s one thing I learned, Miley hates being told she’s wrong or she can’t do something. She doesn’t handle it correctly and reacts very childish.”


On hacking into Miley’s mom Tish’s iCloud:

“In front of me was Tish’s email, phone contacts, notes etc. I started off looking at her phone contacts. From Nick Jonas to Britney Spears I was shocked she was exposing so many celebrities.”


On the damaging stuff she found in Tish’s iCloud:

“If I wanted to do something to Tish and her family I could just sell whatever I have. But I wanted to do the right thing and tell Miley to make her mother change her password. I also wish I could tell her to fire her mother because she’s an irresponsible, negligent, crazy bomb shell but that’s besides the point.”



On finding out that Miley’s director and collaborator Diane Martel had jumped ship:

“I also saw [Miley] unfollowed Diane Martel so I quickly logged into the emails to see why and I found out Diane had temporarily quit which upset Miley.”


On Floyd’s death:

"Now that I think about it I know why she was so devastated Floyd died, it was because he was the only thing on this planet that loved her unconditionally and didn’t judge her."



On finding out that Miley isn’t worth idolizing:

“Why am I going to sulk in this bitter reality of one of my favorite people on earth and let the people who still saw her as a perfect person begin to dislike her like I began to?”


Some final words from a former stan:

“I don’t want any of you to make the mistakes I did with getting so personally invested with a celebrity who in all reality: doesn’t give a f**k about you. And you shouldn’t be mad about that because Miley doesn’t owe any of us shit. Love her professional career, love her interviews and love her music. But don’t you dare question your love for her if you don’t know the actual sadness that comes along with Miley Cyrus and her life.”