Miley Cyrus’ Strange New Ad Campaign

January 8, 2014 By:
Miley Cyrus’ Strange New Ad Campaign
Image By: Marc Jacobs

We promise, this is a Miley Cyrus you haven’t seen before. Conservative. Brooding. Clothed. These are just a handful of words rarely used to describe the girl who twerked on Robin Thicke at the MTV VMAs last summer.

The singer is the new face of Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2014 fashion line, a gig that finds her in the company of other household names with a waify, fashion edge—Dakota Fanning, Sofia Coppola, and Helena Bonham Carter to name a few.

For those accustomed to seeing her in tummy-baring crop tops and sliding a foam finger between her thighs, it’s strange to just see the pop singer sitting quietly with her tongue in her mouth.

Miley and Marc have become close acquaintances since last year’s Fall/Winter Fashion Week. The former Louis Vuitton designer even used Miley’s image on a t-shirt for a campaign to raise funds for the NYU Skin Cancer Institute.