Miley Cyrus Spreads Legs in Scandalous New Photo

October 24, 2013 By:
Miley Cyrus Spreads Legs in Scandalous New Photo
Image By: Twitter

Well, Miley’s glamour makeover sure was short-lived. Miley got out of her Marc Jacobs gown quick and back into her usual grunge gear.

Miley posted this photo from The Beatrice Inn in NYC, which Yelp says is a restaurant, so we’re not sure why Miley is so, to use her words, TURNT UP.

In the image, Miley’s wearing fishnets and a flannel and is sitting with her legs spread around her BFF/Assistant Cheyne Thomas.


Miley and Cheyne are also both throwing wads of cash around like it’s a strip club. Gross.

Of course, the caption on the photo is appropriately ratchet. Miley wrote, “So it’s true. If you turn the lights off and look into a mirror and say #turndown4WHAT 3times fast sh*t gets TURNT.”

Whatever that means. Someone get a club-girl to English translator here quick!