Miley Cyrus Shuts Down a Restaurant for Privacy

September 24, 2009 By:
Miley Cyrus Shuts Down a Restaurant for Privacy

Miley Cyrus may be just 16 years-old, but when you're a multi millionaire like her, you have a lot of power at a young age.

And what Miley wants, Miley gets. On Tuesday night Miley wanted to celebrate her sold out concert at LA Staples Center by dining at the ultra exclusive Katsuya restaurant. But the only problem was she wanted 100 of her closest friends to join her.

It's hard enough getting a reservation for 2 at Katsuya, so you can just imagine how difficult it would be to have you plus 100 on the books. But again, what Miley wants, Miley gets.

She had the restaurant shut down to the public so she could dine in peace with her friends "no matter the cost."

Sources at the restaurant say she was in great spirits and was having a blast with her friends. Um ya, you just shut down the hottest restaurant in LA so you can have privacy, you better be having a good time!

No word on how much the tab came out to, but considering the fact that she was celebrating a sold out concert, we bet it was pocket change to Miley.