Miley Cyrus Shows Off Rock Hard Abs and Huge Rock

July 2, 2012 By:

Shorts aren’t the only thing that she likes wearing cut high….

Miley Cyrus was spotted coming out of one of her many Pilates sessions in Los Angeles in another questionable outfit. In pure Miley form, she wore a tiny T-shirt that pulled tight and rode high, showing off her fabulous figure.

The “Can’t Be Tamed” singer apparently has a body that can’t be tamed either. Anytime she’s snapped in public lately, there’s a piece of it poking out this way or that.

But, let’s face it… If you had a body like that, you’d put it on display too.

Miley’s getup looked like she robbed a kindergartener’s closet. Her shirt was grey and horizontally striped (and did I mention tight?). Taking a break from her revealing shorts fetish, she went the black sweatpants route for this particular workout.

In her hand was a button down, checked plaid shirt that looked a bit familiar… Oh, yeah! That’s the shirt she was wearing when her butt was hanging out in the Studio City American Appeal.

Miley was pictured in the store bending over in the revealing pair of crop tops. At the time she was wearing the button down, but later on she had it tied around her waist as a cover up.

She was probably just keeping it close today if anything else wanted to pop out.

After dodging photos, Miley jumped in her white SL550 Mercedes convertible that cost her over $100K and took off.

What crafty ensemble will she have in store for us on her new Pilates visit?