Miley Cyrus Reveals New Wedding Details

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Miley Cyrus Reveals New Wedding Details
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Miley Cyrus may be the only 19-year-old bride having an actual legit wedding. I mean, not rushing to the courthouse “16 and Pregnant”-style with her high-school boyfriend and her mom screaming from the car, “This is a mistake!” I mean, what? Where am I? What are we talking about!?

Oh yeah, Miley Cyrus’s wedding. Right.

So Miley is making an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show later today and from this teaser clip, it seems like she’s preaching to the audience about how perfect her upcoming wedding has to be.

It’s just a little be unrelatable to hear a 19-year-old tell a roomful of mostly middle-aged divorcee Ellen fans what “true love” is all about.

At the start, Miley makes fun of a wedding tradition that most women take very seriously.

“I didn’t realize until you get a wedding planning book what you actually have to decide on, like I don’t really care what color the napkins are?”

So what IS Miley looking forward to?

“That look,” she says, “That look when you know who you are marrying and you see them the first time. You’re seeing the dress. You’re seeing everything that you planned for months and moths like coming together. And that you did it together. And it’s only the people that you really want there…the look of love.”

Miley then went on to diss other people’s weddings. “I’ve been to like 10 or 20 weddings, but I’ve only seen ‘that look’ at like 5 of them.”

Oh, Miley, yet again you’ve made the audience hate you a little more.

However, she did have one awesome thing to say. Miley said she was looking at Ellen and wife Portia De Rossi’s wedding photo and came to the conclusion that, “it’s rare that people just stop to really look the person in the eye and know that this is your life together. It’s important and your wedding was perfect with that look. That’s why I always fight for who ever wants to get married can get married. Because that look doesn’t come with gender.”

Watch the video here, oh and stay till the end, there’s a strip tease.

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