Miley Cyrus Refuses To Let Liam Hemsworth Go

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Miley Cyrus Refuses To Let Liam Hemsworth Go
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Ohh gawwdd, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have broken up and Miley doesn’t want to believe it. Let's all say "aww" collectively. Awwwww.

We think all that platinum peroxide has officially broken her brain, because Liam has jetted to the other side of the world while poor Miley still thinks they are a couple.

Here’s the latest news in the endless saga of Miley and Liam’s engagement.

A source told People that the pair have “split for now.”

According to the source, who reportedly has seen Miley lately, says she “seems exhausted” but is still carrying a torch for Liam and is hoping they aren’t done for good.

But here’s the weird part, “She has no plans to see Liam, but hasn’t cancelled the wedding.”

So Liam has ran the f*ck away from Miley and she doesn’t know when he’s coming back, but she’s still holding out that they’ll get married. That makes sense.

Liam is STILL in Australia hanging out in a bachelor pad that his parents bought for him over the summer and while one source revealed earlier this week that he was returning to LA in a few days, he just cancelled his appearance at the Florida premiere of his new movie Empire State which is on March 19. We can assume that means he's staying in Australia at least another week.

And, Miley has decided that she is ONLY tweeting about her music from now on, so there’s absolutely nothing juicy turning up on her Twitter feed at all.

Meanwhile, Us Weekly says that Miley and Liam HAVE been talking while he’s in Australia, but none of their friends think they’ll actually get married.

The break is partly due to jealousy and Miley’s new makeover. Liam thinks Miley's new look is too rebellious, while Miley thinks Liam was flirting with January Jones at that party even though he denies kissing her.

So yeah, they might not want to send out those “save the date” cards just yet.