Miley Cyrus' Paparazzi Burn

January 30, 2013 By:
Miley Cyrus' Paparazzi Burn
Image By: FameFlyNet

If you live in LA, chances are you see paparazzi all the time. Usually they just stand outside of Katsuya and don’t look like they do much, but then there’s those creepy slimy ones that follow young girls while they walk their dogs and take up handicap spots from actual handicapped persons.

When that happens, we have Miley Cyrus to stop them in their tracks!

Miley just posted a video on her Pheed account of her filming a paparazzi who had been following her while she walks her dogs and apparently parked in a handicap spot.

“So this is a paparazzi that just jumped out of a handicapped vehicle. He seems to be running quite fine,” Miley is heard saying in the video.

“Doesn’t look like he needs a handicapped sticker. Yet, if I park in a handicapped spot because of these people, I get reported on the news,” Miley vents.

Ok, we have to play devil's advocate. It’s a worst-kept-Hollywood-secret that Miley (and tons of other celebs) gets paid by paparazzi to allow them to take pictures when it’s convenient for her. Have you seen all her photos from her Costa Rican vacation where she’s just casually doing yoga on the beach? Yeah, those photo agencies most likely paid Miley for the shots. Miley knew the paps were there.

So she really shouldn’t complain about any paparazzi ever. #JustSayin

Last rant and then we’re done, Miley says she, “gets reported on the news” when she, “parks in a handicap spot,” but she shouldn’t be parking in handicap spots anyways!

Okay, back to Miley’s video. She did say that the paparazzo was driving erratically.

“No one cares about this criminal that's running through a children's neighborhood, driving outrageously while I'm with my three dogs," she adds. "I've already lost two dogs this year, not trying to get another one hit by a car."

Miley Cyrus is saving Hollywood, one paparazzi at a time.