Miley Cyrus Offered $1 Million to Shoot P*rno

October 10, 2013 By:
Miley Cyrus Offered $1 Million to Shoot P*rno
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Happy Thursday! Miley Cyrus was offered a million dollars to shoot a p*rno.

Adult film and novelty company GameLink isn’t asking Miley to have sex on camera, but they do want her to assist behind the scenes as a director.

In a letter to the Bangerz singer, GameLink, who like the rest of us has been “watching [Miley’s] career with great interest,” wants to bottle some of her sexual energy in a piece of XXX entertainment.

It wouldn’t exactly be a stretch for the star, who's been making more headlines for her sexually explicit persona than for her music. And just in case Miley is worried that this industry is looking to “prostitute” her as forewarned by Sinéad O’Connor, the letter stayed one step ahead by praising her for not bowing to Sinéad’s scolding, saying she’s just “jealous of your success.”

GameLink sent the letter to Miley’s team yesterday, but she has yet to respond to the company’s inquiry.