Miley Cyrus’ New Rap Song Is Most Embarrassing Move Yet

August 28, 2013 By:
Miley Cyrus’ New Rap Song Is Most Embarrassing Move Yet

…and you thought her VMA performance was bad. Miley Cyrus just solidified her place as a cultural embarrassment with her newest RAP SONG.

Unlike Justin Bieber and Chris Brown who occasionally “rap” on mixed tapes for “fun,” Miley is legitimately trying to release “lady rap” songs and it’s the worst thing we’ve ever heard, which is saying a lot because we used to listen to Kreayshawn, so we have pretty low standards when it comes to white-girl-rap.

Anyway, Miley’s new song is called “23,” which is a reference to Michael Jordan’s old jersey number, so if Miley’s calling herself the “Michael Jordan of rap,” then we have more than a few problems with this statement.

The lyrics feature some linguistic gems like, “I back it up, cause I don’t give a f*ck/If you’re a lame, that’s a shame you can’t hang with us.”

We’re pretty sure we heard this song at a high school pep rally like a decade ago when some girl named Jenny running for Prom Queen performed it. Whatever.

Miley continues to think that her “ratchet makeover” is a non-embarrassing legit thing, so let’s just indulge the girl for a second and take a listen to her new song.