Miley Cyrus Makes Fun of VMA Performance

October 7, 2013 By:
Miley Cyrus Makes Fun of VMA Performance

Miley Cyrus performed on "SNL" over the weekend (did you hear that Sinead O’Connor? S.N.L.) and besides doing a pretty good job, she also completely made fun of her now-infamous VMA performance in a sketch about “the day the world ended.”

Miley stuck out her tongue while Vanessa Bayer played OLD Miley, (Miley with long brown hair) and asked her, “Why do you do that thing with your tongue?” to which Miley responded, “I’m having tiny strokes, yo!”

Miley also joked about how she’s done twerking now, “I used to think twerking was cool, but now the white people are doing it, so I’m over it.”

It may sound crazy, but Miley was actually kind of cute and funny on "SNL."

She also did a sketch about Fifty Shades of Grey and sex tapes because…duh, this is Miley…how long can she go without doing something borderline scandalous?