Miley Cyrus Makes Fun of Amanda Bynes

October 3, 2013 By:
Miley Cyrus Makes Fun of Amanda Bynes
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Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor are in a heated battle right now. We know what you’re thinking, who is Sinead O’Connor? Well, she’s this old singer and she was low-key crazy for a while and like everyone else in Hollywood, she has an opinion about Miley Cyrus.

We’re getting to the beef between Amanda and Miley, just stick with us.

So, Sinead wrote this “open letter” to Miley saying Miley’s “pimping” herself out and that she’s not empowering anybody.

It's a harsh read, but kind of true. Regardless, Miley was having NONE OF IT and posted THIS in response to Sinead’s heartfelt talk.

Miley wrote, “Before Amanda Bynes…there was…” and then posted this series of incoherent Sinead tweets. 

Yeah, we get it. Both Amanda and Sinead have mental illness and let it happen on social media.

Is it totally uncool that Miley mentioned Amanda’s possible schizophrenia to take a jab at Sinead?

Amanda DID call Miley “ugly” that one time. Does that make it okay? Is Miley going to regret everything if something really bad happens to Amanda because of her illness?