Miley Cyrus' Little Brother Rushed To Hospital

July 16, 2012 By:

No, it’s not a still from the set of “True Blood,” it’s Miley Cyrus' brother spitting up a bucket of blood in the hospital.

After having tonsil surgery last week, some sort of complication caused Braison Chance to start spitting up A LOT of blood, and be rushed to the hospital.

Father and son then took to Twitter to document the drama.

After a series of hospital themed tweets on his account @BraisonWukong:

4 am. can't sleep. time to start f**kin around with the nurses

Today was actually the most horrific day of my life. Honestly, I can't sleep because I am scared.

… my medicine makes me very emotional. I may cry

Thank you everyone for the twitter love. Ive made a full recovery. Y'all are good folks. Thanks for giving a damn. –wukong

-- he offered up an explanation, and gave some thanks:

I got my tonsils out last week. Not sure what happened exactly but long story short my artery opened and I was bleed a lot. All good now

Thanks to good doctors.

His dad basically did the same, then, once his kid was home, he offered up the horrifically (inappropriate?) gruesome photo.

Miley didn’t seem to have anything to offer her Twitter fandom regarding the event save a retweet of a message from her dad, which thanked the hospital staff for their aid in Braison getting home safely.

Braison, 18, is one year behind his famous sister and is the second youngest of Billy’s six kids.

He is also the second (near) celebrity to pass hospital time via a Twitter feed in the last week, as “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush did the same after a mountain biking accident.

W are glad to hear that Braison’s condition wasn’t as serious as the pic made it look, and that he’s moved on to more important things to announce via social media: "i actually have a date. I'm excited."

Tip: Braison, if she hasn't already seen your hospital bed photo, maybe skip it... at least until she's done eating.