Miley Cyrus: Kissing Josh Bowman Was "Best Job Ever"

December 3, 2012 By:
Miley Cyrus: Kissing Josh Bowman Was

Miley Cyrus, despite being known as a professional Instagrammer and crop-top enthusiast is actually an actress/singer, I know right?

So anyways, Miley has a movie coming out called So Undercover where she plays a teenage private eye (I know, right?) and ends up sharing a lip lock with actor Joshua Bowman.

Despite Miley’s very public statement swearing off any acting roles that involve lip-locks since she’s “engaged now,” she obviously broke that role to play tonsil tennis with Josh Bowman.

“I also had to kiss him in our first scene together,” Miley says of kissing her co-star, “It was fabulous. Making money to kiss Josh? Hello, best job ever.”

Okay, I had to check out this Josh guy to see what all the buzz was about and one Google Image search later and I can see why that was Miley’s best job ever.

Also, some of you may recognize Josh from hit TV series “Revenge.” He’s actually currently dating his co-star Emily VanCamp.

Who knows, that could have been Miley. Actually it could have been! When Miley was on a break from Liam back in early 2011, she was reportedly dating him. This changes everything!

Miley also gushed about Josh some more, saying, “He’s so cute. I had this scene where I had to tell him, ‘Your balls are amazing,’ and I got so awkward doing it.”

The point of this story is to inform you that Miley Cyrus gets paid to flirt. She’s also marrying Liam Hemsworth. How collective jealous are we right now? So very much.