Miley Cyrus In No Rush To Set Wedding Date

June 7, 2012 By:
Miley Cyrus In No Rush To Set Wedding Date

When I first heard that 19-year-old Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth were engaged, my immediate thought was, she’s pregnant, I mean, congratulations.

However, we can dash any concern over a bun in the oven, and also there’s no wedding date set yet. Why do I know this? Because Ryan Seacrest told me so.

During Ryan Seacrest’s morning radio show, E! correspondent and authority on all things celebrity -Ken Baker – revealed that a close friend to Miley shared that the two love birds have NOT set a wedding date yet and that they plan to have a pretty long engagement.

This is not a shot-gun wedding, is what I’m trying to emphasize.

The source also confirmed to Ken that Miley is definitely not pregnant, but the couple needs a long engagement so Miley can come out with a new album.

Sometimes I forget Miley is a singer, I thought she was a professional dog rescuer or a pilates instructor.

Miley recently announced that her new album will drop before the wedding and that her new sound promises to be “very adult and sexy and believable.” Think, “Can’t Be Tamed” but more believable. I mean, Miley is dressed as a bird in that music video, C’mon!

Also, just in case you thought a teenager getting married was a wacky idea, Miley and Liam’s families are both totally supportive.

“Bill Ray loves Liam,” a source told People, “He’s happy his daughter has found the right guy. The whole family loves Liam.”

Miley’s mom Trish is also reportedly “excited” by the news.

Even Liam’s family all the way down in Australia is happy for their son.

“They spend Christmas and other holidays together. They’ve been down to Australia,” says a source.

Even Lesley Patterson, as in “My Best Friend Lesley says, she’s just being Miley” from Miley’s hit song, “See You Again” wrote on twitter, “Congrats @MileyCyrus on your engagement!!! So happy for you and Liam! Miss y’all!”

However, when a twitter fan told Miley’s former Hannah Montana co-star Emily Osment about the news, she just wrote on twitter, “Lol.”

The real question is, what does Liam’s hunky brother Chris Hemsworth think about all this?