Miley Cyrus in Bus Accident That Kills her Driver

November 20, 2009 By:
Miley Cyrus in Bus Accident That Kills her Driver

This is such sad news. The tour bus driver for Miley Cyrus was reportedly killed last night, after being involved in a four-vehicle accident. Miley herself is reportedly unharmed.

TMZ first broke the news, saying Miley was on one of the buses that involved the crash, but not the one carrying the driver, which was the only fatality at the scene. It happened last night while Miley and her crew were on Interstate 85, about 40 miles south of Richmond, Virginia. The roads were reportedly very wet from the rain that night.

A rep from Dinwiddie Fire and EMS tells TMZ the bus had been carrying Miley's concert production crew -- the rep also tells us there were 14 passengers on-board.

Miley's manager tell us, "It was one of our tour buses, but not Miley's. It was one of our buses that transported our lighting crew."

According to local CBS station WTVR, nine people were involved in the crash. The injuries are minor. An eyewitness told reporters the bus drifted off the road for a long period of time, and then fell over on its side on the shoulder.

Officials are now investigating whether the driver died before the crash or after. Story developing…