Miley Cyrus In Bar Fight Last Night

September 10, 2012 By:
Miley Cyrus In Bar Fight Last Night

Just a night after an unknown intruder attempted to bust into Miley Cyrus’s house, she ended up in a fisticuff at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

Don’t dismiss this as gossip, a source at the LAPD told Hollyscoop that Miley and Liam were hanging out at Beacher’s Madhouse at the Roosevelt when a random guy accidentally bumped into Miley and Liam, which apparently got Liam all shook up.

The guy and Liam started to exchange words and things started escalating. Miley got into the middle of the fight but ended up pushing the guy and then punching him in the face!

The dude then went down to the Hollywood police station and submitted a battery report.

So far, no arrests were made and they are not releasing the identity of the victim, but the guy is positive it was Miley and Liam who assaulted him.

I mean, he could have gotten confused and it was actually Miley’s new doppleganger Pink that punched him, but I’m sure Miley’s obnoxious southern drawl was a dead giveaway.

“Don’t touch my fiancé, y’all! His face is the breadwinner in this relationship!” – Miley, presumably.

Hollyscoop reached out to Miley’s rep because we couldn’t believe this story was true. Miley? A fighter? Really?
“This claim is completely false and erroneous,” Miley’s rep tells us.

Well, that settles that.