Miley Cyrus: I love Nick Jonas

January 22, 2009 By:
Miley Cyrus: I love Nick Jonas

Miley Cyrus loooves to vlog, aka video blog. She recently uploaded a video onto to bring her fans up to speed on how much she loves them. In fact, she took the first minute and a half of her video to express just how much she loves her fans.

Then the good part starts. Right after the parts where she disses the people who called her a poseur for wearing an Iron Maiden shirt, defending her reason for bike riding as opposed to driving, and saying that she’s the perfect weight, Miley gets to the point. Which is Nick Jonas!

In case you want to skip the rest, start the video at the six minute mark. Miley talks about hanging out with the Jonas Brothers at this week’s Inauguration. Contrary to popular belief, Miley says there’s no feud between her, the boys, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato. She even says, “I’m going to eat meatloaf with Demi tonight after I work out.”

She must have been feeling the love, because Miley went on to say, “I love the Jonas Brothers. I love Nicky. I do love him. I love Kevin, I love Joe. I love Frankie. I love all the boys. I love their family. So everyone needs to back off the feud because we’re over it, and so are y’all.”

Well then! Miley sure did clear things up from her end! Wonder if the feeling is mutual. Nicky?