Miley Cyrus Hides Her Haircut While Out With Liam

August 14, 2012 By:

Even though Miley Cyrus has been tweeting one new picture of her hair every hour on the hour, she goes out in public with Liam Hemsworth and hides her face and hair from the paparazzi.

Maybe Miley thinks if she never lets Liam see her haircut he won’t realize that she replaced her dang old hair with a toupee.

Miley stepped out in Philadelphia with Liam last night (where he is still filming a new flick) and when the photogs came close, Miley buried her head in her arm.

Seriously? I guess Miley only wants to get caught on camera once she’s had time to put on make-up, adjust the lighting, and edit her photos on Instagram. If Miley can’t add a hipster filter to her face, it’s not worth hitting the interwebz.

Just this morning, Miley has already tweeted several new photos of her hair.

Miley already had a bit of a “rocker” edge (whatever that means) but now with her new faux-hawk haircut she’s really trying to dress more edgy. Wearing a tight black dress, Converse All Stars, and a flannel top, if it weren’t for the hair, she could pass for Kristen Stewart.

I give her one month tops before she starts clipping in the hair extensions.