Miley Cyrus Has Heart Condition, Needs to Stop Partying

November 7, 2013 By:
Miley Cyrus Has Heart Condition, Needs to Stop Partying
Image By: Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy

Apparently Miley Cyrus has a heart condition known as tachycardia, which means she has a heart rate that is higher than normal.

To treat her irregular heart beat, Miley is SUPPOSED to live a quiet low-key life, except she doesn’t do that AT ALL!

Miley insiders tell Heat magazine that Miley’s heart problems are made worse by her constant partying.

“Miley’s issue is basically benign, provided she leads a sober life. The problem is, she doesn’t,” said the source. “She’ll smoke most nights out and she makes no secret of her fondness of certain recreational pursuits. Miley thinks she’s in control but she’s not. Her attitude towards drugs reflects that.”

Also, despite only being 20-years-old and in her DRINKING PRIME, she has devastating hangovers.

"She has horrific mornings after, which are more like days. After the ‘Bangerz’ [album] launch party she stayed in bed with her dogs for a couple of days just getting her strength back.”