Miley Cyrus Goes Wedding Dress Shopping

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Miley Cyrus Goes Wedding Dress Shopping
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Miley Cyrus sat front row at the Marchesa runway show in New York City yesterday and while editors and buyers were scribbling notes on what to stock in their catalogs this season, the engaged singer was picturing her head photoshopped on all the runway models walking down an aisle towards an altar with Liam Hemsworth chilling at the end.

That's right, Miley casually shops for coveted wedding dresses the same way most of us contemplate what cereal to buy in the breakfast aisle at Ralph's.

"[Marchesa] is definitely one of our options," Miley tells People following the show. "[They're] amazing."

If Miley does decide to put the "M" in Marchesa, she is going to be one badass bride. Just imagine it: that peroxide blonde hair and dirty roots paired with a dazzling satin princess dress by Marchesa? *hands on chin*

There was one all-white dress (look 15, fashionistas) that's pretty glam, but still youthful enough for Miley's sweet-and-spicy personality. She's definitely not going to want to be drowning in ruffles. It'll need to be something with a little more leg room so that homegurl can get hella crazy to some dubstep at the reception because married or not, she's Miley.

But before you start dipping your fists in rice and throwing them at your computer screens, a Miley-Marchesa union isn't a done deal yet. Hollyscoop reached out to Marchesa to gauge the possibility, but at this time the label had no comment.

"I have so many options of different people who want to be involved in it," she gushes. "I'll probably have 30 [dresses]!"