Miley Cyrus Gives Life Advice – Nobody Is Asking

June 1, 2012 By:
Miley Cyrus Gives Life Advice – Nobody Is Asking

Miley Cyrus is slowly becoming my favorite person to love to hate. She took a couple pilates classes and said “sex is magical” and now the girl is going all Oprah on everybody.

Anyways, Miley Cyrus sat for an interview with Yahoo Philippines where she refers to herself “as a woman” and talks about making the first move with men and why she turned her home into a “safe haven.” Oi Vey.

Miley says she picked up some life advice from Demi Moore while starring in the coming of age flick “LOL” with her. Demi advised Miley to move out of LA and turn her home into her own private sanctuary, to avoid paparazzi and “stay sane,” I guess.

Still wondering if Demi’s advice worked for Demi. I mean, that red bull addiction? How “sane” was that?

Miley describes why you need to make your home a “safe haven.”

“I got a little puppy dog and I bought a house and I moved out and I just wanted to stay there in my own sanctuary and make it a place that I don’t have to leave besides to go to the grocery store and that’s about it,” says Miley, “I don’t really want to leave. [Demi] really taught me to have that place, have that one place that’s yours. That no one can come there. It’s beautiful being able to have a [safe] place.”

Oh, here’s the most annoying part of the interview, when Miley talks about “doing it” for the first time.

“I think it does change you as a person a little bit because in a way you start thinking maybe that’s like what guys want from you a little bit,” Miley reveals, “You start feeling things differently as a woman, when you’re looked at differently.”

“As a woman” I can barely contain my desire to punch my computer screen after reading this interview.

To cap off this Pulitzer winning piece of journalism, I leave you with this gem.

“ [My boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth] is really cute. Even my grandma thinks he’s a hottie,” says Miley.