Miley Cyrus Getting Heat for Scary Skinny Frame

July 8, 2013 By:
Miley Cyrus Getting Heat for Scary Skinny Frame

Have you seen the latest “scary skinny” Miley Cyrus photos crawling around and twerking up a storm all over the Internet? The new pics have everyone (but mostly their moms) screaming she’s “scary skinny?"

In recent appearances, whether it be a performance for "Good Morning America" or a Twitter selfie, Miley has been looking thinner and thinner, and it has everyone with a Wi-Fi connection speculating.

From rumors of cocaine use to merely being overworked, we can’t stop (sorry, had to) wondering what’s brought on her narrower frame.

Regardless of the reports—one says she’s “frighteningly frail”—we’re sure it’s no sweat off Miley’s self-image, who's been shutting down her haters left and right during her recent media blitz.

Is her clavicle a cause for concern? Or are we like, feeling super casual about it? What do you think?