Miley Cyrus Gets Naughty in New Photo Shoot

August 15, 2013 By:
Miley Cyrus Gets Naughty in New Photo Shoot

Miley Cyrus further reveals what we already knew about Miley Cyrus: she loooooves twerking. 

Regular twerking. Furry costumed twerking. Twerking to the left, twerking to the right. Twerking upside-down. You could pen a Dr. Seuss book based on her favorite dance move. 1 Twerk, 2 Twerk, Red Twerk, Blue Twerk, coming to young adult bookstores near you.

Proving that if the Winter Olympics had a twerking event, Miley would take home the gold medal (GO ‘MERICA GO!!!), the “We Can’t Stop” singer posed for hipster-sleaze photographer Terry Richardson in a photo shoot recently.

In the photos, Miley rocks basic attire—a Nike sports bra, a semi-sheer tank, mesh running shorts, faded blue jeans, and of course, Terry’s oversized specs—which she accessorized with some choice poses. Namely, grabbing her crotch, letting her tongue hang limp like a bloated fish, and getting all Major Lazer’s “Pon de Floor” on Terry’s studio wall.

It's all part of the new sound and image that Miley’s immersed herself in as of late. On her album Bangerz (release date TBA), she revealed collaborations with Big Sean, Ludacris, Future, and others.