Miley Cyrus Gets Her Tan On In Philly

July 31, 2012 By:
Miley Cyrus Gets Her Tan On In Philly

Miley Cyrus loves gushing about Liam, being in Philly and getting spray tanned, a lot.

Hey, Cali girls have to represent the sun! Even on the East coast. In the rain.

People magazine is reporting that Miley, currently in Philadelphia, has visited the same tanning salon. Twice. In a week.

Perhaps it was the name that drew her in? Miley and a friend have been frequenting Hollywood Tans.

And here’s what went down according to a source who’s apparently a repeat customer as well.

Miley seemed, “very personable and very sweet."

"She was asking for advice on cool places to eat, party and hang out.”

And "She said she absolutely loves Philadelphia."

Was this person a PR plant for the tourism board of Philly?

Apparently on her second trip, with the same friend, but this time visiting during a rainstorm, "She was more talkative."

And then for the news we really want to hear (love Liam), Miley “was talking about how excited she was to be married."

Speaking of super cute fiancés… Miley finds herself an East coast tanning enthusiast as a tag along with Liam Hemsworth, who’s currently busy actually working, on set for his forthcoming film Paranoia.

Though we know they have their dog with them, we’re not sure what’s been keeping Miley busy in her down time besides tanning herself.

Hey all you paparazzo’s, can you guys stake out a few local Pilates studios so we can keep better track of this girl?