Miley Cyrus Channels The '70s In Denim Jumpsuit

July 19, 2012 By:

Miley Cyrus took a break from wearing denim shorts and Pilates attire to slip into this ‘70s inspired jumpsuit while she and soon-to-be-hubby Liam Hemsworth took a trip to Philadelphia.

They were in town for Liam to shoot a new movie, “Paranoia,” an espionage thrilled starring Harrison Ford. Miley was just tagging along like the good wife she'll be, also, she has no film projects to work on, so that pretty much frees her up.

Decked out in the wide-leg denim outfit, Miley wore her hair in the ever popular top knot, and apparently took a cue from Kristen Stewart's style playbook by pairing the outfit with converse all-stars.

Liam looked dashing in some khakis and a blue button-down as the couple went to dinner.

When the lovebirds arrived back at their hotel, they were greeted by some fans in the lobby who looked very excited to take photos with Miley and Liam. Miley and Liam, on the other hand, could barely manage a smile for the photos. Tag me in that one? Probably not.

Earlier that day, Miley was seen walking their dog Ziggy around Philadelphia and wore another daring fashion ensemble. She paired a white lace maxi skirt with a black tank and some turquoise flats. I have literally never seen so many outfit changes from Miley. They must not have Pilates classes in Philly.

The young couple arrived in Philly on Tuesday, no word how long they are in town for, but I personally look forward to all of Miley’s different outfit changes in the coming days. Do you think she’ll wear a half-top next? Or cut off denim shorts with boots?!