Miley Cyrus Caught Smoking a Bong

December 10, 2010 By:
Miley Cyrus Caught Smoking a Bong

UPDATE: There's now video to prove that Miley was most definitey high on something, and it wasn't just "life."

Either that, or she's a great actress. We've all had those annoying 2-beer queer friends who claim to be effed up when they're not. But Miley definitely seems to be intoxicated in the video.

Is it just me, or is she even more annoying on drugs?? God! Her voice just grates on you! Miley's friend who is manning the camera even encourages her to do more, because she's "not high enough."

Great friends she's got there. And super job parenting Billy Ray and Tish!


Miley Cyrus had one helluva 18th birthday party.

She invited a ton of close friends to the bash at her birthday, but it seems most of the friends would sell her out in a heartbeat for a quick buck.

Miley is a Smoker Now

Exhibit A: a "friend" took a photo of Miley smoking a gigantic bong, and TMZ has the photos and video to prove it.

According to the friend that leaked it to a source, the smoke filling the bong is a natural herb called salvia, which has psychedelic qualities. Possession of salvia is legal in California.

Alright Miley you're off the hook this time but next time you should really be careful what you do and who you do it around. It's only a matter of time before more scandalous pics of her are leaked.