Miley Cyrus Is Always Naked with Her Dogs

January 17, 2014 By:
Miley Cyrus Is Always Naked with Her Dogs
Image By: Twitter

A Miley Cyrus selfie can best be summed up as: Naked. With her dogs. Or lying in bed.

The best is when she does all three. Taking a selfie while lying naked in bed with her dogs.



The caption on this photo just said, “wifey.”


At least she’s wearing a bra in this one.


We thought we’d mix things up with a fully clothed sleeping shot. PRESH.


Naked WITHOUT the dogs. Still in bed.


And we’re back.


Fully clothed. Still with a dog.


It’s not even the nakedness and the dogs. It’s the fact that 90% of Miley’s selfies are simply her lying down, in bed. 


More dog naps.


And then she had a photo shoot.



Night night, Miley.