Miley Cyrus, The Short Short Wearing Renegade

June 26, 2012 By:
Miley Cyrus, The Short Short Wearing Renegade

Who wears short shorts? Miley Cyrus definitely wears short shorts.

Fresh off the publication of embarrassing photos of her squatting in revealing cutoffs, Miley Cyrus and her short shorts fetish are at it again. The young starlet was spotted and snapped in Los Angeles in yet another skimpy set, this time coming out of Pilates.

Miley was leaving Windsor Pilates in West Hollywood. She wore a pair of skin hugging black shorts that left little to the imagination. With her hands, she attempted to assist the shorts in their failing attempt cover her up.

In addition to booty shorts, Miley wore a loose light lime top, a pair of black shades and a headband. On her shoulder was a bag big enough to fit her entire wardrobe (it’s not that big after all) and two of her dogs in.

Miley last made headlines for her clothing choice when she was caught bending over in American Apparel, wearing some white cutoffs that were a little too open-minded in their definition of “cut-off.” Also, the fact that she appeared to be going commando didn’t help her case much.

A tattooed man hurried Miley past flashing cameras at Windsor Pilates. She got into her white Mercedes convertible and sped off.

According to TMZ, Miley bought that car back in February. At the time of the purchase she was wearing – get this – another pair of short shorts… Jeans this time!

The car is a 2012 SL550 unit that cost her $127,000. That’s a pretty penny, but totally worth when it comes to speeding away from cameras when she’s caught walking around in her underwear.

But, when you’ve got a body like Miley, why not show it off in a hot car and even hotter pants…

We support you, Miley. Well done indeed!