Miley Cyrus - Crazy Hair, Crazy Pants & Dirty Floor

August 16, 2012 By:
Miley Cyrus - Crazy Hair, Crazy Pants & Dirty Floor

The 18-year-old girl wonder’s wardrobe is at it again.

If you’re one of Miley’s 8 million followers wondering how she was going to follow up her crazy new hairdo on Twitter, here’s your answer… A crazy new pair of pants.

She rocked the Twitterverse earlier this week with a picture taken after she shaved off all her dirty blonde locks and went short, platinum blonde. Now Miley has posted a new photo in some seriously wacky – or as Miley puts it “CUHHH-RAZY” - pants.

Though words cannot begin to put do these leggings justice, I’m going to attempt my best in order to do so…

The pants are skin-tight spandex that rise up to her belly button for starters. The colors and patterns on these bad boys range from hot orange to turquoise to black to yellow to gold, and striped to floral to gothic to fishnet to beveled circles…

Better yet, just take a look at the photo…

Miley also wears a pair of high top, black commando boots and a black bra that easily shines through her loose, sheer shirt. And, yes… Her new hair is also in attendance.

Earlier in the day, the starlet tweeted a similar iPhone to mirror photo highlighting a different look… A black top along with her other favorite wardrobe piece: short shorts!

However, taking the cake in this shot was by far her trashed room. Miley, I know you have like 12 dogs, but do yourself a favor and hire a maid. Your Twitter followers (and neighbors) will thank you for it.