Miley Celebrates 18th Birthday By Lighting Up

November 23, 2010 By:
Miley Celebrates 18th Birthday By Lighting Up

Miley Cyrus is totally turning into a mini Lindsay Lohan. First came the scantily-clad outfits during performances, followed by scantily-outfits all the time, beer-drinking in Spain, and now…she’s smoker!

According to E! Online, Miley, who turns 18 today, was spotted puffing over the weekend.

Rumor Control: Who's Miley Cyrus' New Boyfriend?

Eyewitnesses say the teen diva was leaving the Soho House (inappropriate) super late Saturday night looking like crap and “smoking up a storm.”

The source, who was waiting at valet along with Cyrus, says, "She had messy hair and makeup and didn't look that great.”

The eyewitness adds that Miley was with three friends—two guys and one girl. What I’d like to know is WTF she’s doing inside Soho House in the first place, and second of all, out that late!

Miley Gets Slammed for Underage Drinking

I know Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus are kinda busy right now with getting a divorce, but this is like the 10th irresponsible thing Miley has done this month! Come on, now!

Not only are the ‘rents to blame for allowing Miley to move out, buy her own house and make her own rules before even turning legal, but are these LA clubs aware of how similar this situation is to Lindsay’s??

I hope Miley enjoys her bday—this is a big one! But someone with authority needs to put the brakes on her insane amounts of freedom. Just because she makes more money than God doesn’t mean she should be calling the shots.