'Live with Kelly & Michael' Does Perfect Miley VMA Parody

October 31, 2013 By:
'Live with Kelly & Michael' Does Perfect Miley VMA Parody
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To be honest, we’re sick of Miley Cyrus impersonations. Betty White rode on a wrecking ball? Yawn. Paris Hilton dressed as Miley for Halloween? Whatever.

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan did the most perfect full song and dance parody of the 2013 VMA performance!? WHERE CAN I SEE IT!

Kelly was the most “like Miley” Miley costume we’ve seen and her dance moves were even better.

She bounced around the stage to “We Can’t Stop” in that weird stiff way that Miley did. She would then occasionally stop to twerk and she was as terrible at it as Miley.

Michael Strahan was, of course, Robin Thicke and despite his insane height, he pulled off the R&B singer to a T!

 From the tongue to the twerk, Kelly was so perfectly Miley!

“She’s just being Miley” – YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN!

They also recreated the “Wrecking Ball” video, but that was just creepy. Sorry, but we never want to see another HUMAN ride a wrecking ball as long as we live.