Liam Hemsworth on Miley Cyrus Controversy: She Can't Feel Safe

February 15, 2012 By:
Liam Hemsworth on Miley Cyrus Controversy: She Can't Feel Safe

In the past couple of years, Miley Cyrus has been virally busted smoking salvia, talking about being a stoner, and going down on a penis cake. You'd think she'd learn to not do things when someone breaks out their camera phone.

It wouldn't be that big of a deal if she didn't insist she was a role model, but either way, Miley's boyfriend Liam Hemsworth is sticking up for her behavior.

"She's in a room full of her best friends," Liam told Details. "And you have one person who comes in there and videos it. The poor girl can't have one night where she can feel safe in her own world. It's ridiculous."

Somehow, I don't feel that bad for a rich celebrity whose main problem is not feeling safe enough to smoke weed without being photographed.

But you gotta admire Liam's loyalty to his girl. Hemsworth also talks about meeting Miley's family. "[Billy Ray] is very spiritual," he says. "He's just one of the nicest guys. Very accommodating. I've listened to his music since we got together. It's awesome."

I just imagine the two of them looping 'Achy Breaky Heart' all night long.

The Cyrus family also introduced Liam to a little southern gem: Cracker Barrel. If you've never been, Cracker Barrel is both a restaurant and a perfect description of the restaurant's patrons.

"I'd never heard of country-fried steak before. It's great!" Liam said. "I love fried food."

"She makes me really happy," the actor gushed.