Liam Furious Miley Won’t Give Ring Back

October 11, 2013 By:
Liam Furious Miley Won’t Give Ring Back
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Liam Hemsworth has moved on with Eiza González. Miley Cyrus claims she’s the happiest she’s ever been without him…so why won’t Miley return the engagement ring?

Yep, Miley is STILL holding onto the engagement ring and refuses to give it back.

A source in Miley’s inner circle tells Hollyscoop, “Miley Cyrus is refusing to give back her engagement ring to Liam. Liam is furious and has been asking Miley over and over again to return the ring. Miley refuses to give the ring back and is holding onto it."

Is this Miley’s final way of saying “Eff You” to Liam by not letting him have the ring or get his money back? Possibly.

The source tells us, “Miley’s pissed Liam moved on.”

Yikes. Holding onto the ring seems to be Miley’s way of getting back at him.