Miley Cryus' Wedding Plans Revealed

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Miley Cryus' Wedding Plans Revealed
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Miley Cyrus is probably the most famous soon-to-be-married person in Hollywood. We don’t even get out of bed without a quick glance at her Twitter feed because you never know when she’s going to post a new selfie and you cannot MISS A SINGLE ONE.

Anyways, Miley won’t be having a blowout wedding a la Timberbiel, even though we wish she would.

“When the wedding does happen, it’s probably going to be a small, intimate one,” Miley’s mom Trish Cyrus told People.

Miley’s wedding is going to be so low-key just like her personal style! #CutOffShorts

Actually, we wouldn’t be surprised if Miley ran off to Vegas and got hitched while holding a Fat Tuesday and wearing a leather jacket. But alas, we KNOW she’s been shopping for Marchesa wedding gowns and she would never waste that on a shotgun wedding in Vegas officiated by an Elvis Presley impersonator.

Miley also said Liam Hemsworth is doing NOTHING to help her with the wedding plans, which only confirms the fact that we still have NO IDEA why they are together.

“[Liam] is pretty laid-back about everything,” Miley told ABC News, but adds that his non-involvement is totally fine, “It’s the best thing ever. To know that I found the person I want to be with forever is pretty awesome. He’s everything I want.”

A hot Australian with an even hotter brother, yeah, we can think of a lot of girls who would want that too.