Hollywood’s Best-Kept Plastic Surgery Secrets

June 3, 2014 By:
Hollywood’s Best-Kept Plastic Surgery Secrets
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There is a whole slew of celebrities with REALLY GOOD plastic surgery. So good in fact, you probably had no idea they went under the knife.

Miley Cyrus’ Nose Job

Miley Cyrus is rumored to have had a nose job. Honestly it doesn’t look THAT different.


Karlie Kloss’s Nose Job

We have no idea how she stayed so low-key about her nose job, but it looks markedly different.


Miranda Kerr’s Breast Implants

We always thought the Victoria’s Secret model's body proportions were too good to be true. It turns out Miranda Kerr had a very tasteful boob job done.


Taylor Swift’s Boob Job

Because Taylor dresses conservatively, even in a bathing suit, nobody really noticed her chest enhancement.


Kat Von D’s Facelift

Kat appears to have had an eyelift, because her eyebrows are practically extending up and into her hairline now.


Fergie’s Face Something?

We’re not exactly sure what Fergie had done to her face, but tabloids constantly accuse her of having some work done.


Kate Hudson’s Boob Job

Kate Hudson went and secretly got the world’s smallest boob job.  


Diane Kruger’s Boob Job

We guess Diane Kruger isn’t A-list enough for anyone to notice that she went from nothing to something.


Brad Pitt’s Ear Job

Is it called an ear job when you have your ears pinned back?


Kelly Rowland’s Boob Job

Literally no one noticed Kelly’s boob job until she told a magazine about it four years after the fact!