Hannah Montana to End This Year

January 8, 2010 By:
Hannah Montana to End This Year

Adios Hannah Montana! The TV show (and movie) that put Miley Cyrus on the map is officially dunzo!

Hannah Montana will wrap production forever in 2010, reps for Disney confirmed to the New York Post Friday.

"You never know in this business . . . but right now we're scheduled to wrap [forever] after shooting this new batch of episodes," says Disney Channel Worldwide's Adam Bonnett, senior VP/programming.

The show still averages nearly 5 million viewers a week but Miley is ready to move on from the show. The fourth season will start filming on January 18th and end sometime this summer.

"The [new] episodes will continue to roll out at least over a full year," he says.

The Season 3 finale, "Is Miley Saying Goodbye?" and slated to air in mid-March, is "a big one-hour event where we find out what Miley Stewart's decision is going to be," Bonnett says.

"It's one of the things she's been wrestling with for months -- whether it's time to make a decision to continue being Hannah Montana or just be a regular, ordinary girl."

Do you think it’s a good idea for Miley to end Hannah Montana? Do you think her star power will die out after the show? Or will she become a living legend?