From Vanessa Hudgens to Miley Cyrus: Regrettably Lame Celebrity Tattoos

April 18, 2011 By:
From Vanessa Hudgens to Miley Cyrus: Regrettably Lame Celebrity Tattoos

There’s nothing lamer than taking a wannabe-sexy photo of yourself, except maybe when that photo also includes a cheesy dream-catcher tattoo.

Miley Cyrus recently posted a picture of herself via Twitter with the elaborate tattoo, which stretches under her armpit, eerily close to her side-boob.

When celebs want to show they’ve grown up, there are two things you can bet they’ll do: pose nude and get a cheesy tattoo.

There’s Vanessa Hudgens, for example, who recently got a tattoo of a butterfly on her neck. She said it made her feel like a “badass”. Because butterflies are oh, so intimidating.

And then there’s Lindsay Lohan. Quite possible the queen of cheesy tattoos, one of her worst is the word “breathe” tattooed on her wrist. Although, she does have asthma so maybe we’ll give her that one. But “la bella vista”—the beautiful view—tattoo on her ass, we’re definitely rolling our eyes at.

Evan Rachel Wood’s attempt at creativity is written under her neck in the quote: “all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream”. She could’ve saved herself a lot of pain by just getting a tattoo that reads, “Inception”.

But terrible celeb tattoos certainly aren't limited to Hollywood's youth. Pamela Anderson’s barbed wire tattoo screams “give me an empty beer can so I can smash it on my forehead.” I’m not sure there’s a more dated look than barbed wire around the arm.

Kate Gosselin’s lame tattoo is only outdone by her lame reality show celebrity. On her left ankle, the mother of eight has a Pooh Bear tattoo. You can’t make that up. She might as well have gotten tatted up with Teletubbies.

If you're thinking of getting a tattoo, the best bet is to wait until you're not 18 and you can make a well thought-out decision. If, a couple years later, you still think a tribal tat above your ass is a good idea, you deserve to live with it.