From Brad Pitt to Miley: 12 Celebrity Stoners

November 28, 2011 By:
From Brad Pitt to Miley: 12 Celebrity Stoners

At her birthday party, Miley Cyrus admitted on camera that she smokes a ton of weed. Between the video of her yelling at paparazzi and her Twitter tirades, she could probably use a toke or two.

In the video, Miley was presented with a Bob Marley birthday cake. And it wasn't because she loves Reggae music. It was because, as she put it, she's a "huge stoner." Her rep later claimed she was just joking.

If it’s true, not to worry, Miley. You're not alone. There are plenty of celebs who smoke weed, some of them even talk about it openly. Hollyscoop brings to you 12 celebrity stoners.


Matthew McConaughey: That's not smog in Los Angeles, it's weed smoke coming from Matthew McConaughey's house. Matthew was notoriously arrested for possession of marijuana in Austin back in 1999. Neighbors called complaining about the noise, and when police arrived at McConaughey's home, they found him dancing naked playing bongo drums. Must have been some good stuff.


Jen Aniston: Aniston has admitted to hitting the bong on occasion, saying, "I enjoy smoking cannabis and see no harm in it."
She then giggled and said, "I'm hungry."


Charlize Theron: Charlize was photographed taking a hit from an apple bong. Resourceful!


Brad Pitt: Brad Pitt said he was "an artist" who could roll "the most perfect joints." But Pitt says eventually, "I started to get sick of myself sitting on a couch, holding a joint, hiding out."


Kristen Stewart: Kristen was also photographed smoking weed. No wonder Bella Swan's eyes are always half closed and her mouth is always open.


Cameron Diaz: Cameron has also been photographed smoking doobies. Are people are still calling them doobies? Either way, Diaz said she also used to by weed from Snoop Dogg in high school.


Jonah Hill: Jonah says when he was just starting out in Hollywood, he was "drinking beer, smoking weed all the time." He added that: "When I read interviews with myself at that age, it's horrifying! You know, if you had a public record of yourself at 21, you'd sound like an idiot."

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga: Gaga told Anderson Cooper: "I still smoke a lot of pot when I write music." And probably when she gets dressed, too.


Whoopi Goldberg: Whoopi said that she smoked pot before her Oscar speech in 1991. “Smoking cigarettes and pot every now and then are my habits," Whoopi explained. "And I thought, 'I've got to relax.' “


Seth Rogan: Seth said that his experience smoking weed helped him get into character in Pineapple Express: "I smoked a lot of weed growing up and that was kind of one of the funny things about this movie in that we had never really seen a movie that dealt with our kind of everyday weed experience."


Roseanne Barr: On Roseanne's reality show, Roseanne's Nuts, she ate a pot cookie from a Los Angeles dispensary. "Hemp is the hope of the world!" Roseanne said.