Ellen DeGeneres Pokes Fun At Miley Cyrus' Haircut

August 15, 2012 By:

While Twitter continues to explode with hate tweets at Miley Cyrus’ new butch haircut, at least we know that one person is a fan.

It’s no surprise that Ellen DeGeneres, who has her own blonde pixie cut, is a fan of the haircut. It basically the same as her own, but you’ve got to see this ridiculous photo that Ellen took doing “The Miley.”

Posing in the signature Miley way – head titled, looking away from the camera, fresh faced make-up…Ellen photoshopped Miley’s haircut onto her own head.

It’s kind of the most ridiculous photo ever. But it’s also kind of amazing.

Ellen wrote, “I love Miley Cyrus’ new haircut so much that I copied it.”

The Ellen DeGeneres Show on WhoSay

The only thing she’s missing in a punk-rawk necklace and penciled in eyebrows.

Ellen posted the photo yesterday on her WhoSay Account, where she posts other silly photos, like cute dogs, funny typing snafus, and more photos of dogs.

Miley has been fending off hair haters all week on Twitter, writing:

Haters are gonna hate, but at least Miley knows that Ellen loves it!