Dr. Drew On Miley: She Needs Professional Help

December 13, 2010 By:
Dr. Drew On Miley: She Needs Professional Help

Geez, was Dr. Drew on vacay or something? It took him three whole days to comment on the Miley Cyrus bong video controversy!

But the doc has finally weighed in, and I, for one, totally agree with his statement! Dr. Drew spoke with Access Hollywood over the weekend and said her behavior is a direct result of what’s going on with her parents’ divorce.

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“We know that she’s going to be acting out now because her family’s in trouble, so it’s not unusual to see depression manifesting as various kinds of acting out behaviors,” he said.

“Adolescents don’t get depressed the way adults do. They don’t get sad and cry and withdraw. They often act out and become irritable, they act out with drugs and… get in trouble and she seems to be suffering.”

Similar to what Dr. Drew said about Lindsay, he compared Miley to his own daughter being in that kind of situation.

“If I had a child that was doing that or if I was advising a parent, I would say get professional help immediately,” he said.

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“This cat is out of the bag. This is a child who is in trouble and who is suffering and this is her way of trying to manage that. Get professional help.”

The sad part is that Miley is just going about her business as if nothing ever happened. She was spotted in New Orleans over the weekend shooting her new movie and also meeting the head coach of the Saints Sean Payton at their game Sunday.

I guess it’s good that she’s concentrating on work, but she needs to address what happened.