Dolly Parton to Goddaughter Miley Cyrus: 'Do Things Your Own Way'

January 11, 2012 By:
Dolly Parton to Goddaughter Miley Cyrus: 'Do Things Your Own Way'

Miley Cyrus has a pretty legendary godmother—country icon Dolly Parton. I mean, how many of us have godparents with an entire theme park dedicated to them?

Hollyscoop caught up with Dolly at the premiere for Joyful Noise and asked her what advice she has to give her sometimes controversial goddaughter.

“I think people have their own path to walk, we’ve got our own journey and everybody does it different,” Parton told us.

“Everybody’s talent is different, everybody’s needs are different and everybody’s connection with God is different so I think we do it all our own way. But I think Miley is wonderful, I love her,” Dolly told Hollyscoop.

The country crooner also told us the music business ain’t easy:
“It’s always hard making it in the business,” Dolly told Hollyscoop. “I’ve been at it a long time, but I’ve been very lucky…I try to choose things that I feel comfortable with and things that I think I can do.”

Her advice to aspiring artists?

“If you just choose the things you know you can do well, then you’ll be around longer than people that just grab at anything.”

Parton stars in the upcoming flick, Joyful Noise, alongside Queen Latifah. The story focuses on two choir members trying to win a national choir competition.

“People will relate to [the movie] because I think things are hard right now, I think people have a need to be uplifted and to feel better about themselves and to know that their something’s bigger and better than us,” Parton told us.

Joyful Noise hits theaters Friday, January 13.