Cops Called to Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's Home

August 2, 2012 By:

Someone broke into the home Miley Cyrus shares with fiancé Liam Hemsworth last night and shot off a gun!

Just kidding.

How about that for a totally un-funny joke?

Now how about the truth? TMZ has the story.

Someone called 911 last night CLAIMING that someone was breaking into Miley's home and there were possible shots fired.

But when the Los Angeles Police Department arrived, with their guns, in anticipation of any kind of action they might fall into, the house was quiet, undisturbed and empty.

Apparently this kind of stuff happens frequently enough to have a name – its called “swatting,” and it’s carried out by a “911 abuser.”

Here’s the deal, according to TMZ some bored and really stupid person feels the need to “trick emergency responders into dispatching law enforcement (like the SWAT team) to a home by making up a serious crime.”

If its indeed determined that it was 100% a prank, the caller will now be arrested and face criminal charges. If someone gets seriously hurt, or worse, during a prank of this kind, the caller can even face felony charges.

Thank goodness Miley is too busy hanging out in Philly getting spray tanned while Liam works – otherwise, had she been home, minding her own business, the SWAT-like invasion could have gone tragically wrong.

Not cool anonymous caller, you might want to consider the possible outcomes then consequences to such a stupid prank that could have really, literally, backfired.