Celebrity Weddings: Young Stars Who Said 'I Do'

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Celebrity Weddings: Young Stars Who Said 'I Do'

In honor of 19-year-old Miley Cyrusengagement to her 22-year-old boyfriend of three years, Liam Hemsworth, we thought we’d re-walk down the aisle with some of our favorite stars who chose to marry young. Some, like, really young.

Kim Kardashian, 20 and Damon Thomas, 30

Divorced: Married 4 years

So wait, you mean Kim’s wedding to Kris Humphries wasn’t her first trek down the aisle? Surprise! At the age of 20, she eloped to Vegas to marry record producer, Damon Thomas. The two had a reportedly messy divorce four years later, Damon is quoted as calling Kim a “compulsive shopper.” File that one under: Things you should have noticed pre-nuptials

Drew Barrymore, 19 and Jeremy Thomas, 31

Divorced: Married 2 months

With her third wedding, a quaint intimate ceremony at her home last weekend, along with the pending birth of her first child, making headlines -- let’s take a moment to remember how much fun Drew was as an out of control teen. In 1994 she married Jeremy, her bartender boyfriend of six weeks. They split a couple of months later, though when the divorce was actual final is up for debate.

LeAnn Rimes, 19 and Dean Sheremet, 21

Divorced: Married 7 years

LeAnn pulled a JLo (or a Britney depending on your pop diva preference) by dating, then marrying Dean, a back-up dancer she preformed with at an awards show in Nashville. Marrying in 2002, they had a good run… until 2010 when LeAnn allegedly stepped outside of her vows with her current husband, Eddie Cibrian.

Olivia Wilde, 18 and Tao Ruspoli, 26

Divorced: Married 8 years

I might be coming around to Olivia and her apparent wild ways. Get this, at 18 she met Tao, an Italian prince at the hedonistic desert festival Burning Man. They got married in the back of a school bus. Then they moved into his castle. The fairy tale lasted 8 years, Olivia filed for divorce. The actress told Marie Claire, that she thinks “it's very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person."

Macaulay Culkin, 17 and Rachel Miner, 18

Divorced: Married 2 years

Macaulay was apparently done being home alone and got married before most dudes voices stop cracking for good. No, it wasn’t illegal, the parents of both parties signed the requisite paperwork for underage marriage, and gave them their blessing. They made it two years.

Melanie Griffith, 18 & 31 and Don Johnson, 24 & 37

Divorced, twice: Married 7 years (total)

Mel and Don married young and made it a whopping 6 months in 1976, they tried again in 1989, and lasted about 6 years. Despite what seemed like genuine love, the couple had a tendency to repeatedly bring out the worst in each other. “Worst” being issues with abusing various substances. Remarrying quite quickly, Melanie has been with international heart throb Antonio Banderas since 1996.

Demi Moore, 18 and Freddy Moore, 30:

Divorced: Married 4 years

Though they waited for it to be legal, Demi reportedly met musician Freddy before she turned 17. He was married at the time. They parted four years after they made it official, amicably. He publicly declared her a genius and she obviously felt no bad blood, keeping his name as hers, permanently.

Solange Knowles, 17 and Daniel Smith, 19:

Divorced: Married 3 years

Beyonce’s younger singing sister got a jump on the family life in February of 2004 when at 17 she married her college football playing boyfriend. In October of that year they welcomed their son. Do the math people. Three years later, Solange went solo.

Elizabeth Taylor, 18 and Conrad Hilton, Jr. 24:

Divorced: Married 1 year

Liz separated from her first of seven husbands after the Hilton heir (yep, that family) was supposedly a verbally abusive drunk. She said the playboy was “indifferent” to her, and that he had proved that her idea of marriage had been very “naïve.” Poor Liz spent the rest of her life looking for that ideal partnership.

Natalie Anne Bryant, 18 and Taylor Hanson, 19

Married: 10 years and counting

The winners!!! One third of the bro-trio "Hanson" that brought us such hits as “MMMBop” was introduced to his future wife -- when she was 16 -- by a roadie! Two years later in 2002, they were married. Still going strong, the couple is expecting their fifth child later this year.Heads up boy band groupies everywhere – dreams do come true!

While nothing lasts forever… including things like fame and youth – we certainly do wish Miley well, and hope her marriage has more longevity than a few of the ones listed above.